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Male. The name Sharzil in arabic means a person who is sensible, down to earth, and goal oriented.

Morals are important to the person named sharzil. The person is very kind and close to his close friends. He makes bonds with people that he will never break. He is a true person and a true being. He has had flaws and setbacks in life, but with the people that love him dearly, he will get through everything. He wont ever be alone, and he always makes sure to tell his close friends that they will never be alone as well. In short, Sharzil is a very very respectable, amazing person.

However, sharzils can be deceiving. To people that don't know them, they can seem innocent. But really, they are PIMPS. They have many many hoes, but they keep one hoe close to their hearts.
I wish all men could be sharzils.
by mistress69ofrunawayzebra<3 January 30, 2011
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