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1.) An elevated place one experiences through extreme shartosis

The only unnatural way to get to shartlantis known to mankind is to eat fat free haribo gummy bears

2.) The word one uses while texting when they need to express that they are actually laughing out loud, rather than just putting LOL and not laughing out loud.
1.) Friend 1 -"Have you seem that movie This is the End?"
Friend 2 -"Yah I was in shartlantis the whole time"

2.) *Friend 1 hears extremely loud noises from Friend 2 who is in the bathroom*

"Dear Jesus please provide safe travels for Friend 2 through Shartlantis"

3.) mom -"Don't forget to do your chores"

son -"MOM! I'm in shartlantis have some fcukin consideration! FCUK!"
by MickJicken May 26, 2014
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