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The most beautiful girl in the world, beautiful inside and out...Lips so sexxy, with big beautiful eyes, sexiest body imagineable... Anyone and everyone who has met her is allured my her loving and kind soul, always smiling and always trying to make other people happy, very loveable
Sharmini is the queen that any pauper, prince or king would desire.
by yourBestie August 31, 2014
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Sharmini, a foul disgusting ugly character.
very self obbsessed and has no character.
Will become a clone of best friend,then bitch about her and try to be a better version of themselves, and fail miserably.
"Ew! its a Sharmini"

"Oh my god I had one once, it wouldnt stop following me"

"Aww poor Sharmini..........NOT"
by I know you. dont worry April 07, 2008
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