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A successful, educated, independent woman that is on the hunt on the dating scene and only dates affluent, successful men.

Sharks are very selective when choosing their prey.

When necessary, she uses her intellect and sex appeal to seduce men with big wallets and even bigger egos and waits patiently to destroy him.

Usually raised in the ghetto or an urban area.

In the ghetto hierarchy, the shark bitch is at the top of the food chain, followed by the "around the way girl" followed by the "hood rat."

Shark bitches retain their street smarts and know how to hustle, they are extremely intellectual and able to blend in with their environment.

They are prone to transform into cougars later in life.

Do not attempt to piss off a shark bitch, if she is near sharp objects, she will cut you!
My hero, Ivana Trump, is the perfect example of a shark bitch, when she first married Donald Trump.

Jennifer Lopez is also a good example.
by SharkBitch August 30, 2009
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