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Sharking or the Shark Fuck

(This position takes a bit of preparation)
Sharks have 2 penises that are inserted into the female during copulation.
For a man to achieve the same thing first he must “Clone HIS Bone” (dosent count if you use any old dildo).
Once you have an exact replica of YOUR penis your ready to shark fuck.
When I shark fuck I prefer to warm up both holes with a bit of double dipping from my own monster, when you ready to pop your cork drop the cloned bone into her snatch and surprise her sphincter with your cock.

Now fill her ass with custard…… one of the benefits of this position is she can continue to fuck her self with you (cloned) cock while you go wash the turd nuggets from under your bell ender, there is limited fall out (on your side of the bed) and if done in the morning she will probably txt you at about 10am complaining about the fart she tried to slip out on the bus that resulted in her knickers being filled with shart spooge.
by Lord Hanson January 20, 2010
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