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A girl. Strong, shy, different. Lives to please others and always makes sure everyone is happy before she is. Suffers in silence. Puts everyone else befor her, even if it will kill her. Hates being blamed or yelled at. Pulls the craziest all nighters and is very dedicated to what she loves. Often mistaken for lazy. Unsure about how beautiful sge truly is. Loves to listen to other peoples problems and try to help them. All around she tries to be a good person. Loves MEN! Somewhat innocent. Has a wide range of interests.
Sharina looks really pretty today.

Wow, Sharina is a nice girl.
by Onlyiwilleverknow April 10, 2011
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(n.) A human being (gender is unknown) who loves bands, men and is obsessed with dicks.

(adj.) A human being (gender is unknown) who is in the mood for some wild sex; horny.

(v.) The act of copulation with a human being or a cat.
Human Being: Hey, my name is Sharina, I'm Sharina, wanna have Sharina?

Cat: Meow.
by novachips December 25, 2011
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