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noun. shu-raff-

Sharaf isn't your average person, infact he's better and he knows it. He's funny, caring, smart and speaks his mind. Anyone that disagrees is a hater. Boys want to be him and girls want to be with him. With a heart of gold, and muscles of steal, Sharaf gives Ryan Gosling and Zyzz a run for their money; they call him The Sharafinator. Sharaf's charm, good looks and massive cock has the bitches kissing his feet, but only one girl knows his true value. He is her king, her world, her everything.
"Dude, its a cockfest. Where are all the chicks?"
"In Sharaf's bed."

"Bro I think gym's paying off."
"Relax, you think you're Sharaf or something."

"Omg, look at Sharaf over there!"
"You so want his D."
"Bitch I aint even gonna lie..."
by cookiemonster8875 October 14, 2013
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