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The name of a girl who's very desired. She is every man's dream. She is blessed with the sexy looks of a goddess. She's petite, but curvaceous with eyes you can swim in and lips that will get you high. When it comes to men, her smile and voice is like bait to hungry fishes. Armed with those things she just reels them in. She can have almost any man she wants and because men are always flocking around her, she is picky. When she does choose a man, she gets him whipped using her charm, wit, personality, great looks and amazing sex. You can say she has a golddigger side to her because she prefers to spend her man's money before her own, yet she doesn't even have to ask him to spend it. He is so sprung on Shaquay that he'll want to spoil her and always keep her happy. She's very independent and can provide for herself successfully. She is very outgoing and intelligent. She can be greedy. Shaquay is often very friendly. Some people may mistake her bubbly and open personality for flirting (something she just so happens to be very skilled at). She's very popular, and a wonderful friend. But be careful of Shaquay. Do not mistake her nice and calm demeanor. When provoked, she can become extremely dangerous. The rath of Shaquay will leave you with a dramatic scene--one left by Jane of Xmen. She is the calm before the storm. But you wont have to worry about that if you dont piss her off. If you come across Shaquay, you should never let her go.
1) Men Say: "Do you kno that girl Shaquay? I think she's pretty. She has a nice smile"

2) Men Say: "I want to make Shaquay my wife"

3) Women Say: "Im sooo jealous of that girl Shaquay! She's just so pretty and men love her. She has great style. Why can't I be more like her?"
by Herenvy Hiswish December 28, 2011
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