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A poorly groomed male that is grosky and in desperate need of a shower. Not only is he poorly groomed but he has a nappy beard attached to his unhygentic face. He appears to be a dirty and mistreated Santa Claus, therefore recieving the name of a Shanty Claus
"Dude did you see the way that man looked!?"

"Ya man, pretty ronchie!"

"I thought for a second it could be Santa Claus, then I realized that would be too good to be true... it was Shanty Claus."

"Ha, I don't want no Shanty Claus' coming down my chimney antime soon!"
by Scooptie Doo July 28, 2009
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These are the last words you will whisper to your dickhead party host. By uttering "Shanty Claus", you have just declared that you have hidden a small wrapped up nugget of a turd somewhere is his or her house.
Great party...oh...and by the way...Shanty Claus was here.
by Brohymn801 December 05, 2016
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