Shantrell unforgettable She is loving, caring, and kind. Also she's a smart ass, goofy, and very silly. She has the most beautiful smile and eyes so blue and bright that even the stars pale in comparison. You'd be lucky to have a Shantrell in your life because then you would know what real love looks like. she loves people so deeply and would do anything for you. So if some force or greater power brings you to know a Shantrell never let her go and cherish every moment with her.
Shantrell: I had an amazing day thanks to Shantrell.
by kiyomie May 9, 2021
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A warrior. A positive motivating force in the lives of those who come to her for help. Studious, Nurturing, & Mature, but loves to have fun. Stubborn; will Not budge unless SHE sees it's totally necessary. Trustworthy judgement. Hated by her piers because her presence enforces that the 'regular girl' is a GODESS.
by Butta Smoove December 19, 2016
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