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Pronounced; Sha-moo-dihk

A shamudick is a usually white penis that is heroically large in size, but not monstrous. The shape of such a penis is akin to a dolphin, long and increasing in width towards the head of the penis, although not necessarily slender at the base. A shamudick (also known as dolphindick) is very well maintained with high standards of hygiene and shaving. It is even attractive to hetrosexual men, for a reason they can not explain in detail. A shamudick is both shower and grower, starting somewhat impressive in size when flaccid, and growing to a regardable size when erect.

The owner of the first original shamudick, Taylor (Fratpad) often accompanies a display of his penis with the sound effect of a bleeting dolphin, which suggests he is ridiculous as well as he is loveable, and also perhaps that he is in fact part dolphin.
Taylor: Eee-eee-eee-i-ee-i (whilst waving his penis around)

EvilOne: It's the shamudick!
by Jace Jaxon August 10, 2009
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