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Shamoya is a person with high intelligence, nice personality, and a very nice person to talk to, helistens keenly to your problems. A mature lady, whom is open with the people she knows. Has a physco killer moodswing at times, she is the sweetest apple of the bunch but is underestimated. A unique, one of a kind, very hard to get, will give a good fight for what she wants. Shamoya is a down to earth person, someone you can always turn to when you need help, she is loyal, personable, caring and also a keeper.
I want to be like Shamoya, her character is amazing!
by Shamiik July 26, 2018
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Moya is the rarest and prettiest girl around she is independent & doesn’t need a guy for anything she is loyal and sometimes misunderstood she is different from other girls wants a guy falls in love there’s no going back she has a lot of haters and people tend to get jealous of her
That girl was a Shamoya she was so unforgettable
by Dana4986 June 14, 2019
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