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(N) A bad segway made to distract from whatever topic was being discussed to promote a certain product (whether it be their own or a sponser's) made without any sign that the person regrets everything he/she has ever done in and is currently reevaluating all of his/her life choices leaving them to wonder where they went so wrong.
Youtuber: "...and that concludes my 2 hour rant on why the Apache Helicopter is a completely l legitamite gender and deserves to be internationally recognized. Speaking of things that should be internationally recognized, I think this would be a good time to talk about my new book, "The Midget Spinner". Its a tragic story about a child murderer who plagued the streets and..."

Viewer: Well as shameless plugs go, that wasn't half bad but that being said, I still hope he dies of AIDS.
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by Cursetal October 19, 2017
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Same thing as Spam.

When somebody posts a single message on a message board advertising a product or website.
A shameless plug is the same thing as spam, dumbass.

Quit spamming and get a life.
by Drunky December 01, 2004
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