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An very attractive female usually black with nice hair, usually big breast and a decent sized butt.Unique but some people may describe her as weird, but her weirdness is what makes her.. her.Has her "blonde moments" ever now and again.The biggest clown, but she knows when to be serious. Does not like to be criticised, or have her ideas challanged.Does not like to be put down or made fun of.The girliest of girls. creative, artistic. Fashionable. Loves to have nice things.She loves to shop.She can be the biggest procratinator.An animal lover, a peoples person. loves fast cars, a fast life, fast rides. Either drinks or smokes weed, possibly both.Loves to have a good time,But always does what she has to do to succed in life. Kind and caring. People might mistake her kindness for weakness , but watch out, because she can get aggressive.She is a very sexual person. in bed she is and animal,always open to trying new things .She is really the ideal "Lady on the streets but a Freak in the sheets."Relationship wise,She has a mentality of a man. Gets tired of guys fast.Not easily played . she knows what she wants and if your not it ,she will not waste her time. Gets turned off really easy.Falls in lust frequently. Most of the time shes single. But when she finds the right guy, she will treat him like a king.
by spsp123 March 12, 2010
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