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A condition in which the affected individual(s) is anywhere from mildly amusing to very exciting to be around in real life, but has no apparent redeeming values on the internet; i.e. typing "lol," using "smilies," and acting as a tardus extremus in the matters of abbreviation, humor, and spelling.
Tommy: Brian seemed somewhat cool at the party last night, but when I talked to him online...
*flashback ensues*
Tommy FArtanyan: Hey, I just added you to my buddy list.
SeXyBoI-BrIaNafnd4u: who is dis
SeXyBoI-BrIaNafnd4u: o tommy rite/
Tommy FArtanyan: Are you drinking?
SeXyBoI-BrIaNafnd4u: wat
SeXyBoI-BrIaNafnd4u: r u ther
SeXyBoI-BrIaNafnd4u: th3ere**
SeXyBoI-BrIaNafnd4u: thrtr*
SeXyBoI-BrIaNafnd4u: godamnit lol
SeXyBoI-BrIaNafnd4u: THREE*
SeXyBoI-BrIaNafnd4u: LMAO! THERE!
Tommy FArtanyan: G-gotta go!
Tommy FArtanyan signed off 12:30:22
*flashback ends*
Tommy: I guess the screen name he gave me should have given it away!
Kiko: CLASSIC case of Shamberlynn Germany Syndrome!
Tommy: ?
Kiko: *chomp*
by Kiko February 03, 2004
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