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Affectionate term for a girl with ideas above her station, generally shambolic and prone to loud uncontrollable outburts.

Known to obsess over average 90's pop bands and disney and to repeat the stories about the same.

Generally not funny or as impressive as the male version - see "Sharris"
A - Mate who is that girl complaining that there being a lack of blue on the playlist?

B - Don't worry about her she's shalice.

A - Sharris?

B - No, dont confuse the two, she is anything but a sharris
by EveryoneeverinHK August 19, 2013
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A amazing girl with great personalitiy, these girls are known to be stunningly gorgeous, beautiful inside and out, fun, spontaneous, and sexy. Shalice's are also known to be the best girlfriends and the best in bed.

a wifey type that can make a man satisfied. cook good, look good and feels good.

A one of kind girl, rare to find and once you find it hold on to it till eternity.
BOB: woahh did you see that shalice girl?

JOE: hell yeahh shes so sweet and hot... i just wanna bang the $h!t outta her! no lie man

BOB: wow... i was just sayin she looked hote

JOE: my bad man my bad
by Maxezeria February 03, 2010
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