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A person who goes to Starbucks and orders a non-coffee drink just to have the sophisticated-looking label to walk to Abercrombie with. These people are commonly found among the posers and preps in the pre-teen years and seem to be put on the Earth solely to annoy those who take advantage of the Wifi and studying in Barnes in Nobel (Shaking Sbuckies usually only go into this store to Shake some Sbuck, or to check out Lady Gaga's new whatever crap in the music section).
*A group of giggly girls walk by my friend and I are tring to finish a paper while drinking our purple eyes*

Shaking Sbucky: a strawberry and creme (not pronounce cre-em (almost inaudible "m") as the French spelling and accent suggest) with whipped creme.

Me: Just go to Mcdonalds and get a shake bitch.

*Friend and I recive punch in the face from Purple eye*

*giggly group exits, thus reliving me of my pain*
by purple-eyed May 17, 2009
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