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only usable in orgies consisting of one guy and 10 or more women. there is no limit to how many women can be involved. and the guy has to be a shakerchi. VERY ADVANCED POSITION!

1. your fucking the girl then she comments on your guns and then you cum on her and she sprays gold on the abs

2. when you line up 10 or more women up in a line, all on all fours, and just run across them all while dick slapping their faces. then you cum on all their faces then simultaneously spray paint there tits gold
Girl 1: I was at that orgy last night with that shakerchi guy with the 12 inch penis and 468 girls when out of nowhere he shakerchied all of us! it was magic.

Danica: I think i was there....
by Shakerchied MAster June 02, 2010
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