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A multivitamin, dehydrated grass clippings and a choice of either chocolate, strawberry or 'greenberry' sweetener blended together, put into bags and purchased by P90X-Sheep & overweight housewives for $150 a bag hoping that it's magical.

If you buy Shakeology you are instantly classed a moron.
Carl Daikeler (CEO of Beachbody, the company that sells Shakeology): Buy Shakeology today for only $5000 for a 30-day supply. If you don't want to buy it i'll just get my army of Beachbody coaches to talk negatively about you on their poorly SEO'd websites. Now buy all my products you dimwitted assholes or you'll become fat and die by next Christmas.

Anybody with vague knowledge of nutrition: Bro you could just buy a multivitamin for like $3 instead of wasting your money on a liquid form multivitamin pumped full of non-existance berry extracts and dried out lawn trimmings from the four corners of the world.
by TonyHerton August 16, 2012
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