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Shai Clement/SClem/ClemJones/SClub/Princess/Mr C (Born in 1987 to David and Julie Clement) is a teacher at Oakey high school. His interests are  hypnotism, collecting tea sets, tasting maple syrup and hunting for treasure, 

From a young age Princess has had a fixation with hide and seek, so much that as a teenager he was hiding and seeking almost 4 times a day.  His friends and family did not understand his addiction and wrongfully assumed that he lacked morals and willpower. An intervention was staged on the 19th of July 2006 to help SClub beat his hide and seek addiction but to the disappointment of his loved ones this seemed to only make his habit worse. It wasn't until 2008 when SClub was omitted to Bailey Henderson hospital where he was treated with extensive shock therapy that he was cured of his awful disease.

In 2009 Shai Clement suffered briefly from Nomophobia before palming his contract off to the one the call big rig and joining Telstra. 

Clem 7 was born with natural ball game skills which in 2010 took him to Kiribati to represent Australia in tunnel ball at the world ball games. On return he was awarded with the coaches award for the most improved played. 

SClub currently resides in butt street Toowoomba where he try's to stay in plain site with full bars reception.
I'm as useless as Shai Clement
by Shailikesboys January 06, 2012
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