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Shaeleina is a beautiful girl. She is very shy , she doesn't talk much . she hides her feelings w/ a simple smile , she looks even more beautiful w/her nails done fingers & Toes , but she's more like a tomboy ,in a good way and likes to wear shoes allot. She's very fit and likes to play basketball or Football maybe Rugby too . Shae is just so cute when she mad, in fact she is just so adorable when she tears. She can cook some good food. Shae likes boy's who have a sense of humor, and that are very loyal . she doesn't care about what he looks like. Shae is a very strong girl (mentally). Shae is kinda suicidal at times but doesn't do it cause of love , shae is so kind-hearted that she would do anything just so her family/or friends wouldn't get hurt or broken hearted.she always thinks of others , she likes to read books ,maybe sing in the shower , and is a dancer .
Shaeleina is beautiful
by ALPHA250 September 04, 2017
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