A Drag Queen, with or without notoriety, has chosen to take a darker avenue to realize her art and performance level through showing hatred more outwardly, or through rolling of the eyes or other subliminal gestures, in reference to a peer and/or competitor. This can apply to a partner or friend of any cultural status. Shady Queens are the bullies of our pan-gender and and non-conforming archetypes of media and our real everyday lives. Except that one bitch, as it were.
I ran into her last week and I gave here herses. Such a Shady Queen. She had told she was collecting donations for the food bank, but clearly she's been eating ALL of the muffins and spam she can...I'm just saying, with no shade course."
by Clever Marko November 11, 2017
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a person who after much shadyness has become queen of her art
dude 1 : jennys been throwing the shades at me for some time now.

dude 2 : She sure is a shady queen.
by nickypoopoopz October 25, 2008
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