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To shadowgirl is the act of joining a public gaming website and spamming it's forums and shoutbox with false information of yourself in an attempt to gain the attention of lonely males thus causing an explosion of drama. In most cases, the shadowgirl is likely an emotionally disturbed male and feeding it with attention will only fuel the aspie within it. Such false information is but not limited to saying you have a bionic leg after saving your friend, shooting yourself in the arm via ricochet from a soda can, falsely claiming stolen artwork is yours, diagnosing yourself with Multiple Personality Disorder and/or claiming you will kill yourself by drinking large amounts of water.
Did you see that skank on that Halo forum? It's another shadowgirl.
by Your Holy Savior January 04, 2014
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A woman who is kept in secret by a man. She is generally not introduced or known to any of the man's family, friends or associates and may serve solely as a mistress or as a person in lieu of, or in addition to, a spouse or mistress. Information shared about her to others is often vague or non-existent. Interaction with such a person is usually done in a tightly controlled and secluded environment with little, if any, public exposure.
I know Freddie likes to slip away now and again to spend time with his shadow girl. He keeps any and everything about her totally secret. I've never seen them out together or even know her name. He definitely likes to keep her in the shadows.
by Who 'Dis? Who 'Dat? July 11, 2018
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A shadow girl is the woman who is not even worthy enough to be a mans mistress

She is his toy

He dosnt look after her or care for her he just keeps her around to please him when he needs a break from his wife or girlfriend and from his mistress

The shadow girl is slightly more than a sex slave
I have my girlfriend and I have my mistress they cost me money but my shadowgirl is a cheap whore I respect her slightly
by Mistress-19-68 July 23, 2017
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