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A gang banger! person who smuggles drugs across the mexican border(Juarez) into el paso. THEY WISH!!! Vehicle of choice...crotch rocket also known as a rice beater. Most military members who forget their original club (US ARMY)...1 leader at the BK Lounge. If you are a Shadow Rider you most likely have the name SHIFTA or GIN. your colors are be black and orange because your not original and you stole it from Harley Davidson. On top of that you have mass reflective gear on account of your motorcycle safey requirements. BAD GUYS!!!
Yo dawg! lets meet up at the circle k and roll out and waste gas when its 4 dollars a gallon! WHOOO SHADOW RIDERS RULE!!! formation monday at 0630 just a reminder....
by Sunshine on your shadow April 20, 2011
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Shadow Rider

A shadow rider is someone who would engage in sexual intercourse with some one because of there ethnicity, Most commonly white girls who crave of black men
Leon - "Ayo man lets swing by T5 nuff shadow riders in dere we can get sum pum pum ona easy level u get me ?

Malcolm - ZIM!
by Malcolm aka Nyrex September 01, 2008
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