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A newer looking school that was built approximately 6 years ago. This school has very strict principals. you can get in trouble for anything at this school, even if you yawn during a test, or talk to ur friends at lunch. one of the strictest principals is actually a midget (not to mention INDIAN smelly). At this school 8th graders still get in trouble for calling each other buttheads. This schools schedule doesnt work like other schools, we have this gay llittle thing called teaming. It is a complete waste of time. The students at this school arent like students in other towns. Most girls are prude. and wear purity rings which means they will never have sex. Until they are married, and old. some guys are prude and are usually made fun of.
For regular guys that act like "Guys". there are no girls to do anything with. so if you want poon you pretty much cant get much. The football at shadow ridge also aint so great. basically you dont want to come to this school
You go to Shadow Ridge Middle School; that must suck
by SRMSsucks007 8====D January 01, 2011
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