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Shadow Rap refers to a form of hiphop, whose distinguishing features include generally shorter track lengths (usually 2 to 4 minutes), and very aggressive and in-your-face lyrics. The beats are usually spacey and dark sounding, and have samples from obscure sources (Windows 98, old sitcoms, anime).

Some of the most notable Shadow Rappers are that of $uicideboy$, a rap duo from the 7th Ward of New Orleans,
Pouya, a popular rapper from Florida, and most notably, Bones.

Bones pioneered Shadow Rap style, with albums like Bones (released in 2012), and Cracker (released in 2013), and popular tracks like Dirt and HDMI.

The genre has been gaining significant popularity and hype recently, with artists like $uicideboy$ and Bones rapidly gaining followers on Soundcloud and Youtube.
Elitist: Shadow Rap is stupid and for edgy white kids!
Shadow Rap fan: I think shadow rap is quite good, and you are an egotistical fuckface.
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by shadowrapxanz May 19, 2017
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