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A guy that is very attractive and dresses the best. His Swagga shows on the outside, instead of in his pockets... Girls fall to his feet, hot women too... A friend like Shabrin is VERY hard to find, especially with his name too...make sure you keep him never know..Shabrins' liked to be loved by women of all cultures, not just his own.. At one given time, he should have atleast 5 women falling for him...He is no gay homo, And if ANYONE ever called him that, they'd be scarred for life. Shabrin is a VERY unique person with qualities you cannot find in other guys. ♥
Ashley- Who's your friend...Ima bout to fall to his gorgeous looks
Britney- Ohh..He's happens to all girls

That guy could TOTALLY be a Shabrin...Too Hot and Cool at the same time!

Who is HE? He's the best person you'll ever meet in your life!
by Shabrin Lover June 25, 2010
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