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A fat man is torn from his bed and sent hurtling into the air, his wife covered in plaster dust staring at his retreating form through a hole in her roof. he is screaming and his bowels loose. he looks up and sees a basketball in his hand. he had never realized they had a pebbled texture. meanwhile in los angeles california all of the players that ... See Moreplay on every nba team have gathered inside the staples center. none of them are able to explain how or why they ended up there. they mill around the court, ashamed, unable to look each other in the eye. they are all waiting in vain for a coach to blow a whistle. there is a boom. one player covers his eyes. a human meteor punches a hole in the roof of the arena and a fat man dunks on every nba player simultaneously
My Dad had a Shabortion last night.
by not404 July 24, 2010
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