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The goddess of the realm of food and beauty. None match upto the rare mixture of beauty and brains she possesses. Her personality is rather bubbly and envigorating. A great lover and a good companion, these creatures very rare to find in the Milky Way. Another quality that she possesses is her effortless ability to make people into happier human beings. Rumor has it that tsunamis and earthquakes are brewed up by the gods when they get information about her getting sad, upset and depressed. A full time job to handle. She is someone to love and cherish for the rest of your life. Symptoms of her presence in your life are a Great Smile on your face all the time.

A great lover to have in bed as well, she can really rock your world inside out. Her incarnations can be found holding exotic foods and chocolates. To be sure please study the eyes and ass carefully. if you get intoxicated by just looking youve got one of em.

Warning : Can Get Addictive
Mother to Son (to put him off to sleep)
If you be a good boy, when you grow up youll get a shaanu.

Boy - zzzzzzzzzzz (fast asleep)
by Adi88in September 16, 2011
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