The word (साला/শালা), romanized as sala/shala is used in both Hindi and Bengali. It means brother in-law when used properly. But now the world is also used as an insult or cuss word because it can also imply incest relations with your sister.

The term was considered super offensive a long time ago but now it's used as normal slang in everyday vocabulary of native south-asian speakers. It's used in the same context as "bastard" or even "idiot."
"maine ek ghantaa intazaar kiya par voh saala ayaa hi naheen."
"I waited for an hour but that fucker/bastard never showed up."

"ei shaala/saala madarchod amar khabar kheye felsos ken?"
"hey you bastard motherfucker, why'd you eat my food?"
by bluuskies October 08, 2019
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