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You can google Seyni, you wont find any definition, because the person named Seyni doesn't want to be defined! They never want to be pulled in a cupboard or a system. Seyni's choose their reality - always and very important - up to the very details of details. You will never meet a Seyni, who has one single dust- point on his suit - otherwise, the person, pretends to be a Seyni - is surely not!
Seyni's are so shy, when it comes to their own interest, that they nearly disappear out of shiness or find themselves at the age of 80 and wondering, why everything passed so quick.
Seyni's need a kick in the ass from time to time, or make them angry, then they the rebel comes out!
El final; Seyni's are grande!
by Devina Solanki April 18, 2011
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Seyni's are young and irritable. They stick to their own likes and it is hard for them to come out of their shell. Seyni's are also kind and forgiving. When you need a laugh, they'll easily give one. But take away something they love, and that Seyni will reject you.
Person 1: Why is Seyni so mad?
Person 2: That chick over there stole her CDs
Person 1: Oh God...
by That Chick in the Blue November 20, 2012
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