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Definition- an extremely creepy person who bothers you and continues to approach you in a sexual manner despite getting shot down. Typically this person might be considered a Creep in the sense that they will go to odd means in order to get sexual satisfaction (ie creeping in shower stalls, public bathrooms, peering through windows, etc.)
origin of the word comes from a Midwestern urban legend of a man supposedly named "Seymour Cray." He is said to have held a group of twenty-somethings against their will for several days and forced them to do odd sexual acts. One popularly reported act was he made the unfortunate people lick the hooves of his pet pig. He additionally had a hair and foot fetish... the details go on but this is how the meaning came into being.
Susan-"That guy over there is such a Seymour Cray"
Anna-"Omg That guy is such a Cray! I didn't really know him but I added him on facebook and all he does is send me these really creepy messages."
John-"Yeah, he probably wants to inhale the smell of your hair lol."
Susan-"Sick! Or lick your toes"

*It should additionally be noted that "Seymour Cray" could be used in place of "creeper" and definitely spices up your vocab
by Curt233 May 13, 2010
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