Sexual objectification is the process of representing or treating a person like a sex object, one that serves another’s sexual pleasure.
Guy #1: Damn, that girl's ass is tight. I would tap that!
Guy #2: Dude, why are you sexually objectifying her? Sexual objectification is not cool. She's not an object meant for your pleasure.
by DtzMi April 5, 2017
1. A term used by Feminazis to shame men for having a sexuality.
A girl walks by.

Jimbo: She has a nice ass!

Ben: That's sexual objectification! You're a misogynist 'cause you're objectifying her!

Jimbo: Fuck off!
by maso128 June 22, 2016
A term used to control (through policing, via shaming) men's expressions of sexual desire. There is a stated justification ("you are treating this person solely as a sexual object") that can be embellished ("you think this person is only meant for your pleasure") neither of which need to be true, and that requires no substantiation, for the shaming to be applied -- the only true requirement is a man's expression of sexual desire.
♂: "OK, -- but just to be clear -- I do desire to have a sexual relationship with you."
♀: "Ugh! That's sexual objectification! I hate it when men sexually objectify me!!"
by Lion1977 November 21, 2022