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In this Game you need at least 6 people. 3 girls and 3 boys. The Girl will then pick one of the boys as there partner. This is the one that you will be taking shots off of. The Males and Females will then Swap turns until the game ends.

MalesTurn: The Male takes a shot of any Alcoholic beverage off of the Females Breasts.
Females Turn: The Female Team then takes a shot of the same beverage off of there partners Crotch area.

When one of the partners(both the male and the female) are wasted; they lose.

The Team that lasts the longest will win.

Now; You may be wondering where the "Sex" part of the title of the game comes in.
Well; You put 6 or more drunk people in one room; when they have been taking shots off of thier Breasts and Dicks; And see where it leads.
Brittany:"Lets Play Sex Shots"
Kyle: "OK, As long as you are my partner."
by SexShotMaster December 23, 2008
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