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1. When your body reddens during an orgasm and shortly after it. You'll see red spots & striped all over your stomach and chest area.

2. Less popularly used to a woman when she gushes out massive amount of squirt during her climax. Just like how a toilet flushes water.
I was fucked so good where I flushed heaps amount of squirt from my pussy!

My body has been sex flushed! Look at the red stripes all over me.
by boxes above October 25, 2011
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Maculopapular type of erythematous rash.
Masters and Johnson, in their book “Human Sexual Response,” wanted their work to be taken seriously, and wanted to stay a step ahead of the morality police, so they tended to write in almost comically dense medicalese, such as mounting episodes, stimulative approach opportunities and vocalized performance concerns. A sex flush on the stomach was a maculopapular type of erythematous rash. (New York Times)
by tokugawa227 June 26, 2009
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The equivilant of that good feeling you get when you flush the toilet after taking a really massive dump; almost erotic.
Man, that superbowl party was such a sex flush.
by Spigget February 03, 2009
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