It's an acrostic for Super Ego xylophones and biscuit is what you get when you cross dress Kim kardashian and Rick Moranus
Dude you're such a sex biscuit!
The fuck you said to me?
Chillax bro your just a xylophone cross dresser!
by MasterQueef01 November 10, 2011
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A biscuit that is so good it practically gives you an orgasim.
"Damn, those are some good sex biscuits."
by Angelina :P January 13, 2007
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1) the act of three men enjoying penile intercourse with one another on a stormy night in the Caribbean.

2) The act of committing sexual intercourse with a biscuit or other bread breatheren, usually involving large amounts of margarine.
I just want a big sex biscuit.

So I was watching porn last night, and I was hungry too but, I hadn't finished masturbating, so I buttered myself up a fat biscuit, fucked its shit, then ate the mother out of it.
by Mrchace October 11, 2008
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