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When you put a stove burner on low and place either your partner's rear or back on top of it while it warms up. Try to make them orgasm before they become horridly burned. Your partner may not use their hands to please themselves. Bondage is optional. Do not use a gag.
For an intense game, use the point system below to contest with your partner.
1 point- Oral ( including vaginal penetration via tongue)
2 points- Rimjob or Vaginal (Excluding vaginal penetration via tongue)
3 points- Anal fucking (Use of fingers, sex toys, etc)
If you fail to reach a projected goal in a set time, (Maximum time limit being 30 mins, and the minimum being 10) then you must switch with your partner and increase the temperature by a small increment (If the dial increases by multiples of 1, turn the dial up 1 notch); save that they aren't in need of hospital care. If you reach your goal, switch with your partner; do not change the temperature. If your partner reaches their goal, the one with the quickest record may command the loser with any sexual or non-sexual demand.
Dude, I just played Sex Over Easy with Martha last night, and her ass became darker than Darth Vader's suit!
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