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A young man of peculiar but amusing interests and a great amount of intelligence; he is the one that seems to always think of others and isn't afraid to be himself. Has great strength both physically and mentally. Kind to others whenever he can be, even if no one is kind to him back. He's persistant in his views of others whether they be positive or negative opinions. States that he does not just compliment someone, but rather he speaks truthfully from what he actually sees. Has eclectic tastes and a smile to make his favorite friends smile back. As far as the ladies, he likes the natural beauty in others, not a fan of facial jewelry or too much make up, and he doesn't ask for much more than to have someone feel as strongly for him as he does for them. He is a loving soul waiting to be loved himself, and that lucky girl will come to him someday.
Girl 1: "ohh seweryn...he's always so nice to me, i'm hoping he never notices me blushing when he smiles...i wish he really knew how much i love him"
by Blooboo April 26, 2011
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