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A gorgeous short girl... with very large breasts... that should tip her over... and are very fun to sleep on... who is partial to bring me the horizon and george harrison and ean ... and has severe OCD.
" Dude, have you ever pondered why your girlfriend has extremely cuddley breasts and always organizes your shit?"

"OMFG! Mabye her name isn't Oliver Sykes after all but really Sevonah!"
by MsxBella Skye D January 10, 2009
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A girl that is very unpredictable and likes to change her hair color a lot. She is very meticulous about her bedroom or getting food out of her teeth. Is always up for a challenge and new experiences. Is very goofy and fun to hang out with and is a total catch with the gentlemen. Loves to strangle and wrestle with her best friend and to joke around with people. Overall just an interesting person to chill with. Mainly prefers to be called Vonna
Guy 1:I just met the most eccentric person, I bet she's a Sevonah. I hope she will give me a shot!

Guy 2: You dick licker! I wanna meet a Sevonah, I've always wanted one. At least i'm not a pussy like you and won't ask her out!
by MunchRight2 November 28, 2009
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