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a genre of Harry Potter fanfiction were Severus Snape mentors, aprentaces or in anyway becomes a father like figure to Harry Potter.

also applies to Harry taking care of Severus

Severitus is NOT Snarry paring.
"I was reading this Severitus fic, and Snape never really hated Harry anymore, he was kinda fatherly really."
by TheSweetPrince August 24, 2007
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A fanfiction story challenge made by the author Severitus on It includes a very specific set of requirements, found at their LiveJournal page (google "severitus challenge livejournal").

1. Severus Snape must be revealed to be Harry's father.
2. Remus Lupin must have returned to Hogwarts for some reason or another (unless it's a 3rd year AU, in which case he's already there).
3. Harry must undergo some progressive physical change starting on his birthday. No *tada!* and suddenly he looks like Snape.
4. The story must be based mostly around Harry and Snape.
5. (Optional) Incorporate one or more of the conversations posted on the LiveJournal page. Change them however you want (it's encouraged!).
6. Make a note somewhere that it's in response to this challenge, so all the other nice people can give it a shot too, and be able to find the other challenge responses.
7. Tell Severitus that you wrote a response to the challenge! Feel free to either email them or let them know in a review on one of their stories.
I was reading a fic tagged as a Severitus, but the author didn't include all of the requirements of the challenge. They probably assumed that "Severitus" was just a fancy name for a "Mentor!Snape" fic, and never read the challenge themselves.
by Danneyland October 04, 2016
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A challenge made by the fanfiction author Severitus. It is mainly about Snape being Harry's father. However unlike Sevitus, in Severitus Remus Lupin must have returned to Hogwarts for a reason, Harry must undergo some physical change on his birthday and of course, the fanfic must be Harry and Snape-centric.
The author Severitus really loves the idea of Snape being Harry's father, doesn't he?
by Inoue Ayumi December 07, 2009
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