Something that sets you back. It keeps you from doing something and can cause great inconvenience to someones life. A setback may just knock you off your time schedule or it could be stopping you from doing something you drastically need to do. Setbacks are not good, most of the time...
"I really must get my sculpture finished today, but I don't have enough resources to finishes it. That means I'm gonna have to go out and buy some then I'll be off my time schedule. Dang!"

(^^^Not having enough resources to finish his/her sculpture was this persons setback)
by SPECCYKID123 April 1, 2011
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When a human being purposely or accidentally wastes the times of other human beings
Short: yo I'm going to get fined 10,000$ for parking can you move my car
Big : shutup
By-Law: ticket for 10,000 for parking in government property
Short : Thanks and your setback syndrome
Big : (hahaha) I love you broo
by Zingy666 January 3, 2013
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