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A term used as a warning of predicted impending failure. Generally the phrase relates to any situation where the outcome has been perceived as unlikey to gather the desired result (Fail) and yet still that course of action is chosen anyway due to either ignorance, arrogance or both.

The term is also known as "boarding the failboat". A Failboat representing the action/activity that is deemed to likely end in a Fail. Noobs tend to be the captains of such vessels.
Dude1: "Guys, I'm gonna drive, I really wanna drive."
Dude2: "You've had way too much of the juice man, why don't you let one of us drive?"
Dude1: "Don't be boring man, you know i'm a faster and better driver than you guys anyway" *Rushes to the car and into the driver's seat*
Dude3: "Set sail for fail guys."
by SPiggs April 12, 2009
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