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N. (pronounced 'serve-eye-tuss', sometimes spelled "Serve-itis")
1.A serious disease where one can't help but to "serve" people for the duration of the disease. It is only treatable through extreme loss of confidence.
Or when one gets their ass beat.
Guy 1: "Damn, man, why do you keep serving everyone like that"

Guy 2: "I don't know,...I think I might have the Servitis"

Guy 1: "You'd better chill before you get your ass beat."

Guy 2: "The only person around here that gets their ass beat is your mom..."

::Crowd, oooohs while Guy 1 shakes his head::

Guy 2: "I'm sorry ! It's a disease ! "

Guy 1: "You're lucky it is or else my fist would be up your ass."
by Urban-For-Real April 12, 2008
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