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To twist science facts presented to politicians for ulterior motives related to manipulating public support for large class-action lawsuits. The enactment of legislation with the intent of changing the state rock (mineral) designation to pander to a group of wealthy personal injury lawyers that have deliberately misled state congressmen on the geological relationship of serpentine to asbestos. Asbestoid materials may be derived from serpentine, but not all shiny blue and green serpentine is chrysotile (asbestoid form only).

California was the first, in 1965, to designate a State Rock. States in the USA that have significant mineral deposits often create a state mineral, rock, stone or gemstone to promote interest in their natural resources. For instance, in 2009, West Virginia named bituminous coal as their state rock.

Geologists have rallied to oppose the bill, arguing that there is no way to be harmed from casual exposure to natural serpentine rock.
Geologists throughout the US have scorned the proposed change of the state rock designation, pointing to the legal lobby petitioners Serpentine logic in blaming the mineral family as the cause of mesothelioma in order to sway personal injury court judgments to their favor.
by Intuit July 20, 2010
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