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A serial pest, is someone or something that constantly bugs a team or a user in a workplace.

Serial pests are often the management type, that walk around in brightly coloured shirts and have a phone attached to their ears at all times.

They often bug another user or team in an effort to delay their own work.
Alex: Hi Team, have you seen that email that came through a second ago? Have you actioned it?
IT Team: No Alex, we're currently working on something else, it has been placed in our queue and will be looked at shortly.
Alex: Team, that isn't good enough, this is an important customer and needs attention straight away.
IT Team: Alex, have you contacted that other user to tell them their system is ready?
Alex: Yeah, yeah.. Alright, I haven't contacted him yet, but..... whatever, get back to work.
IT Team: Man, that Alex guy is such a Serial Pest.
by sketchyisme May 24, 2011
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1. A persistent, harmless, fan.

A person who is famous within an organisation or department because they keep popping up, 'helping', suggesting ideas and generally showing an unhealthy interest in whatever the organisation does. This person has no official connection with the company and yet seems to be more loyal to it than its own employees.

A good serial pest will have somehow managed to discover your the boss's direct email address.

2. A person who is addicted to pulling public pranks and is regularly in the press for doing so.
Example One:
Media Mogul: We need a new regular feature in the Entertainments Section of the mag. Got any ideas?

Magazine Editor: One of my serial pests suggested something yesterday. It might just fit. I'll dig it out.

Example Two:
Employee 1: I bumped into 'Hairy Man' this morning, you know, the serial pest. He said he wanted to come to the packaging tradeshow with us and help out on the exhibition stand.
Employee 2: Great. He can take my place.
Employee 1: Ha! Very funny.
by ronny stalker January 26, 2010
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