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A serial pest, is someone or something that constantly bugs a team or a user in a workplace.

Serial pests are often the management type, that walk around in brightly coloured shirts and have a phone attached to their ears at all times.

They often bug another user or team in an effort to delay their own work.
Alex: Hi Team, have you seen that email that came through a second ago? Have you actioned it?
IT Team: No Alex, we're currently working on something else, it has been placed in our queue and will be looked at shortly.
Alex: Team, that isn't good enough, this is an important customer and needs attention straight away.
IT Team: Alex, have you contacted that other user to tell them their system is ready?
Alex: Yeah, yeah.. Alright, I haven't contacted him yet, but..... whatever, get back to work.
IT Team: Man, that Alex guy is such a Serial Pest.
by sketchyisme May 24, 2011
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