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Anglicized form of Seonag or Seònaid. Pronounced Show-na.

The kindest person in the world. She's someone you can tell all your feelings to, and you'll feel enriched by her presence. Even if she knows you're wrong, she'll try and tell you in the most loving way. She's someone you can trust, someone who is loyal and brings you great joy. She's remarkably beautiful, and you can't help but fall in love with her smile. If you're lucky enough to meet a person named Seona, cherish every moment with her. She's herself and beautiful inside and out!
"Hey Seona!"
by Val5353 October 03, 2017
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The funniest girl u will ever meet. She likes a guy who is short, Asian, and a bit depressed, so if you know her, cherish every moment with her. She will do anything for you like square dance. She is cute and a bit chubby. She gets breathless every time she sees her crush. She loves you, she’s straight tho. If you meet anyone named Seona, and she shows signs she likes you, love her back! Also she loves having sex but can’t get pregnant, she is only a lesbian if you have great boobs. She thinks boobs are squishy and awesome. She feels sad some important people in her life died but don’t mind her because of that. She has a few friends and gets tricked easily. If u know a Seona, spend every moment with her because her life might end soon...
Did you hear that Seona got a boyfriend with a large dick?
by Isbnsjb June 11, 2019
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