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quintessential southern small town where just about everybody knows everybody's business and all of the people who grew up there speak in barely-coherent southern accents.
There is one family-owned grocery store, three gas stations and a small litter of non-chain restaurants (Small Town Pizza, China Kitchen, Big Chic, Big Jim's Wing Shack, Country Cooking Kitchen).
Only recently was a McDonalds/Flashfoods built at the intersection of GA 85 and GA 16 (locals call it "the red light," suitable considering it's the ONLY traffic light in the town.)

It's becoming more suburban as the days go by here.

the nearest Wal Mart is at least 30 minutes away. It's terrible for your gas, don't move there unless you seldom plan on visiting civilization.

it has a car wash too.
Senoia, GA is in Coweta county.
by lmfaowtff August 25, 2008
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