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1) Senglaub (n): - originally a name of German Heritage, spelled Singlaub, ancestors also were said to originate from parts of Rome, the outskirts of Russia, and hints of Sparta as well. When translated, Singlaub means "to burn wood", suggesting that the trade of this family was forest clearers.

2) Singlaub (n): - a particular genealogy that produces a very unique type of character. Often times, Singlaub's are extremely dedicated, hard working, intelligent, intellectual, strong as well as callused (both physically, mentally, and emotionally), and skillful individuals. They tend to be of devote Catholic origin and are extensive in their faith. Extremely intense individuals, however they tend to be rather intimidating and can get rather protective/aggressive if someone or something they care about comes under attack in any way, shape, or form. One more thing to be noted is that Singlaub's are very family based (again typically). They learn from their elders and stick together through the thick and thin of it. For this reason, often times they make very passionate, trustworthy friends who are there whenever you need them. Often deep characters, they are respected, but easily offended, and do not take kindly to injustices. Undyingly loyal and unbelievably trustworthy, yet crafty Singlaub's are able to manipulate almost any situation to what he/she sees best fit, though often times that is in someone else's favor. For this reason, Singlaub also relates to the term selfless.
Example 1) The German people have a very diverse and unique set of cultural names; Stein, Senglaub, Devronshnec, and usually relate to what their ancestor's occupations were in the days of old

Example 2) Old Man Singlaub wont let you down; he's the roughest, toughest, hardest workin S.O.B. you'll find around these parts. Always has been.
by Professor Marcus Dublin February 14, 2010
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