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A person that makes fun of Christians and Catholics for believing in GOD as often as possible and then shows an unrelenting support for Israel, the hometown of Jesus. Is it an atheist or a deeply conflicted jew? As troubling as gay men who watch football, hate Dan Savage, and can't appreciate drag queens like Rupaul. In the gay world we call them SANE. Rupaul famous? She said you better work and hasn't lifted a finger in twenty years. Ahh, shut up SANE HOMO. Madonna has some MOLLY for you bitch, now shut the F UP and laugh at a bunch of drag queens ripping each other apart. That is called CIVIL RIGHTS. See, it all makes sense when your high.
See also Billy Maher
Louise: I was watching this guy on T.V. The kids told me about. He is hilarious. He had that Ben Affleck on. What a smart guy. Reminded me of Gore Vidal at his age.
Joe: Oh, you mean that Semitic Atheist. How can you be an atheist and give such a shit about Israel?
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by HearMyName June 17, 2018
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